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Wise Care 365 Free - a program to speed up your computer, which clears the registry, disk drive of unnecessary files and links. Utility quickly analyzes and purification system. The program is free, but if you want access to all the features, you will need to purchase the Pro version of the product.

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=== === Functional

In its functionality, the program is not much different from its counterpart Glary Utilities. The tools included in the free version are utilities registry cleaning, disk defrag and registry. It has support for different themes, as well as tools for monitoring and diagnostics. But the program has its own characteristics, which should tell you.

The first thing you like about this program is the ability to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the system for errors and one-click fixes to spend. Unlike many programs of this type, it does not ask for permission to download a different tool to solve this problem, which often annoys users.

Also, the right of the main screen are additional tools (extensions) to work with the program. They dokachivaet are executed automatically.

Among these supplements there is a password generator. It helps you quickly generate high-quality and secure password that you can use for your own purposes.

Wise Care 365 Приватность

The "cleaning system" will remove the files, these files as the installation files Windows, language packs files, temporary files, updates, background images, and help files. The program allows you to independently determine if they need this or that point. Startup Manager installed software makes it possible to determine the relevance of running applications with the operating system. Manager running services, enables you to control services.

One of the interesting additions can download files unless the reducing agent, the rest is not really necessary.

It should be noted that sometimes the program appears in the notification bar ads, which can still be close. Nevertheless, her periodic appearance quite bothersome.

Go to the "Help" and you can earn. The point is that you need to answer the questions of the participants of the program, and for best answer developers accrue about $ 2. To participate you need to register in the system and answer the questions that appear from time to time.

Wise Care 365 Поддержка


The program is a direct analogue of Glary Utilities, but after research program, we note that it is much better analogue.

Nevertheless, the program copes with the tasks: optimization, cleaning, disk defragmentation.

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