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uBlock_Starting window

uBlock is gaining popularity free advertising blocker. Fast work, which does not slow down your browser, small hardware requirements for the computer and of course flexible configuration are the advantages of the program. uBlock is available for most popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox. Moreover, the program has the ability to add its own filters, as well as to maintain the AdBlock filters. It has a lot of settings and simple interface.

This extension to the browser is a young project and is developing now. It aims at making the process of ad blocking more effective and easier than similar applications do. The program is currently in the testing stage, so when you use it, you may encounter some. Having special knowledge, you may find the link to source code on the official site and improve code or develop the application according to your preferences.

uBlock can be used at home or in commercial use, due to the application was developed on the basis of GPL 3.

The application is free and available for many popular browsers. It is easy-to-use and manage. It does not require a lot of resources from your computer, thus one may install additional filters and the speed won’t slow down.

The application can be characterized as a good piece of free software and may be a worthy rival to similar programs.

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