VLC media player

Интерфейс VLC


VideoLan VLC player is one of the most feature-rich video players. The player includes a large number of codecs, can play almost all video and audio formats. In addition, the player is able to transmit video to the network, to make a video showing Internet TV. And all this under the most common operating systems.

The video player has a standard interface. Deal with it will not be difficult, but it is also possible to download and install graphic skins.

VLC со скином

Using the built-in filters, you can improve the video image or logo overlay, and more.

VLC с видеофильтром

VLC can be used to create your own TV channel on the local network or the Internet. To implement this idea, the player is able to broadcast video to the network, as well as capture images from a video camera. VLC can also be used to view video from the network.

VLC may be used as a video player for broadcast on billboards. To do this, the player has a built-ins, so they can manage other programs. Also, the player has a management interface through a browser.

For developers, dealing with video files, VLC can be useful, since through it you can get a lot more information about the file and if the file was damaged learn more information.


VideoLan VLC Player has a great set of features for working with media files. Player easy to drive and makes a positive impression.

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