Opera Mail

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Commercial alternatives The Bat!
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Opera Mail главный экран


Opera Mail - e-mail client, which is part of the browser Opera, analogue of The Bat !. It supports protocols POP3, IMAP, SMTP and ESMTP. Also included in the anti-spam filter. This program is a product from the makers of the famous browser in the world Opera.

=== === Use

Opera Mail Входящие

The main purpose of the program - send and receive e-mail messages. Just like its counterpart, it can be used in enterprises and people who have a lot of mailboxes and want to receive messages, managing only one e-mail client. Opera Mail will be particularly useful for people who love the browser Opera, as their shells are almost identical.

=== Appearance === interface

As previously mentioned, the shell is very similar to that company does. Therefore, if you previously used or are using this browser, the difficulties with the navigation you should arise. Everything is taken extremely convenient, user-friendly realized the message window.

=== === Functional

As the functionality of the client, then everything is very simple. The program is the most comfortable, functional and there is nothing superfluous.

Tabs allow the mail client to view multiple messages simultaneously and switch between them. In addition, the program allows you to sort the letters on the topics that can greatly facilitate the work with electronic communications, and consequently save valuable time. However, the function is supported destination "tags", the main objective of which is fast sorting mail. User has the ability to pre-set rules for sorting mail, which should provide restoring order in the mail client.

In the setup program there is a necessary minimum of client settings that will not allow you to get lost in them. Interestingly, during the installation you can choose to install the program on a USB drive, and use the program no matter where you are, all your data will be with you. There standalone mode in which when receiving a message immediately you'll know about it.


Opera Mail has shown itself perfectly as a home e-mail client. It does not load the system is quite simple to operate, functional. There is nothing superfluous, that could be confusing. The program is recommended for use in conjunction with browser Opera, an since she is able to work with him.

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