Free alternatives Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio Express

Freeware Visual Studio Express

Visual Studio Express is a free analogue to Microsoft Visual Studio. However, this version has some limitations. For example, the program does not include a MFC and ATL, there are no profiler and settings to create 64-bit projects. It is worth noting that, as well as a paid Visual Studio, Visual Studio Express exists for different programming languages, including Windows Phone. read more...


Freeware PyCharm

PyCharm is development environment for Python. It has a free Community Edition license. Development environment is connected to the interpreter and ready for use. PyCharm has an integrated debugger, convenient code editor and tools for refactoring. read more...

Code :: Blocks

Freeware Code :: Blocks

Code :: Blocks is free open source cross-platform C++ integrated development environment. It supports plug-ins, debugger, integrated with the GCC compiler and Visual C++. Moreover, Code::Blocks can be used for programming ARM, AVR, D, DirectX, FLTK, Fortran, GLFW, GLUT, GTK +, Irrlicht, Lightfeather, MATLAB, OGRE, OpenGL, Qt, SDL, SFML, and STL. The interface is very similar to Visual Studio. read more...

CodeLobster PHP Edition

Freeware CodeLobster PHP Edition

CodeLobster PHP Edition is free IDE for Web developers that supports PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Besides syntax highlighting, IDE supports code completion, syntax checking, code folding. For PHP CodeLobster PHP Edition includes a debugger, and for HTML/CSS CodeLobster PHP Edition includes inspector by type of Firebug. Compulsory registration is required for free use. read more...

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