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Linux UBUNTU main window


One of the many free OS kernel Linux. The operating system has a friendly interface and is focused on normal users. By default, Ubuntu includes a set of applications that are needed to work with the documents and the Internet. In short, Ubuntu is a good free alternative to Microsoft Windows.

Ubuntu includes software for servers and workstations. The operating system supports a large number of types of architecture, such as i386, amd64, ARM.

Interface sample in Ubuntu Netbook 10.10

Ubuntu Features

Linux Ubuntu File manager

The main feature of Ubuntu users is the convenience and ease of use. Administration is performed quite simply using the built-in utilities.

Ubuntu supports a large number of languages, including Russian.

Ubuntu quite undemanding OS: 512 MB of RAM and 5 GB of free hard disk space.

Ubuntu 14.14 interface sample


Linux Ubuntu applications

The first thing that can be commended for Ubuntu - modularity. You, as a user, can radically change the structure and components of the operating system down to the kernel. For this range of these systems has been recognized, though a minority, but quite a large number of fans to the system have a future. The system is constantly being improved by the development company Canoncical. They produce releases of the operating system is not very often, but in each of them contains a lot of fixes previous version and expansion of product functionality. At the time of writing, the current version of the product - Ubuntu 14.04. From her I'll push off and reveal the user-friendliness of its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with of Windows.

The first thing that catches your eye - this interface. If the Windows you're used to work with one medium, then going on Ubuntu, you have to familiarize yourself with the company's shell UNITY. In it, there are differences in the arrangement of icons and menu items, and it's all the same desktop with shortcuts and windows that can be expanded, collapse and close. On the development of the new environment will not leave a lot of time, and if you understand it, it is more convenient in some moments Windows.

As for the other functions, this list will be large enough to fit on one page is not comfortable, but I will highlight the main points of working with this operating system. Let's just say, this is a simplified Linux distribution to use "version." "Simplified" it can be called so that the user is unfamiliar with the family of operating systems, do not have to feel the "charm" of others like him distributions. Unlike many distributions of Linux, you will not get naked or unconfigured system that have no idea how it's all done with great disappointment put yourself back your favorite Windows. Here everything works right from the start, meaning: drivers, software and basic settings have already been made for you, and you can only learn the novelty and enjoy at your leisure. But developers do not forbid you if you are an experienced user Linux, change the system as you like, because it is the "trick" of the operating system.


Basically, during use, Linux Ubuntu as a major system I liked. I'm used to the interface, everything I needed application does not even have to search on the Web so, they were all in one place, something like the App Store. Basically everything in it can be downloaded for free, but there are programs that are worth some money. Finding drivers had no problems, because at this point in the entire Linux supported hardware developers. I would also like to please people who do not want to upgrade to this OS due to the almost complete lack of games. Recently, the company Valve, creator of digital games store Steam, has adapted all of their games on the given OS, as well as its application store where you can download the game to your taste for Ubuntu. Over the entire range of me as an amateur Windows, Ubuntu liked most, because it is much easier to move to a new product and it is similar to Windows in some detail.

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