Free alternatives Dia CADE Diagram Designer
Commercial alternatives Microsoft Visio
Operating systems Windows

    * Supported formats: EPS, JPG, SVG, PDF.

UMLet interface


UMLet is a safe and convenient tool for modeling various types of processes and applications based on the design language UML. This freeware creates UML diagrams. It has a standard set of methods for working with the chart. It is able to store the results in a variety of graphic formats. The distinctive feature of the program is that you can set the blocks, using pseudo code. This, in its turn, accelerates considerably the process of chart creation.

Using UMLet, you can quickly build UML diagrams; export chart in such formats as eps, pdf, jpg, and svg; save them to clipboard and develop new UML objects.

The main program’s window is divided into three areas the chart area, the elements palette and properties.

UMLet editor

You can select an item from a set of items represented in the palette and place it in the diagram area. Here the objects are arranged according to the target model.

UMLet types

Property bar allows you to view and modify the properties of elements. Most UML-utilities display the properties of the elements in the pop-up windows. On the contrary, UMLet displays all of the properties in the form of text, which simplifies considerably the changes made by users. For example, to add new methods to the UML-element such as class, one need to enter their names into the appropriate line in the class properties.

UMLet UML editor

The main purpose of UMLet utility is to create quickly UML-sketch models in a short time. According to it, the program has a standard set of UML elements, such as package, stereotype, case, SimpleClass and AbstractClass, text, and much more.

UMLet elements

In addition, the UMLet environment provides the opportunity to develop UMLet user cells based on the existing standard parts. In order to do it one has to create a new element in the integrated editor, define its property by entering Java code and save. The elements editor is in the horizontal menu (Custom Elements -> New :) and is as follows


You can both run UMLet as a standalone application and install it as a plugin for Eclipse-Windows, OS X and Linux. The application is easy-to-use and characterized by a multi-functionality. Thus, UMLet is a good free alternative to Visio, if you use it only for creating diagrams.

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