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Thunderbird главный экран


Thunderbird - email client from the Mozilla Foundation, which is designed to work with e-mail newsletter subscription. The application supports POP, and IMAP, and encrypted SSL / TLS. The application has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Very good analogue paid mail clients.

=== === Use

This mail client is useful for people who often work with the mail. Thunderbird is perfect for use at home or in business. After a simple setup allows you to conveniently view the client mail, and the time to learn about the letters that came to the box. Also, if the user has registered several mailboxes, you can configure the same number of accounts, then the messages will be coming from a few boxes and it is also the client will display.

Thunderbird Создание новой учетной записи

Thunderbird Информация о сервере

=== Appearance === interface

Making the program done very nicely. The smoothed edges and thoughtful menu items attract attention. The interface itself is a little bit similar to the browser by Mozilla Firefox. Present tab, where you can place shared folders or accounts. For convenience, you can hide the toolbar. The general look and feel satisfied at the highest level.

=== === Functional

Thunderbird Папка Входящие

The program has a standard set of functions for the mail client. But she has some features which are necessary to tell you.

The program is the extension for the client, there you will be able to change the appearance, increase functionality and much more. All dokachivaet directly with the client, visit Web sites do not need to.

The program, in addition to the e-mail client, there are clients for popular chat rooms, which is a big plus for this program.

When you set up your account you can choose how to store emails and attachments: on the Internet resources, or on your PC. Here you specify the size of the cache on your hard drive. And then, even if there is no connection, you can download and read the letter desired material from it. But only if the letters were prepared in advance.

You can further customize the appearance of the program as you wish. Remove excess and add the most necessary. Thus, developers do not limit you in comfort, and allow to create a "comfort" yourself.

It is also worth noting that the program when working in the background, does not consume a lot of resources and does not require a large amount of traffic to synchronize with the server.

Less important option offered by this email client is to create filters for messages. Filters have different configuration and are designed to optimize performance with a large amount of information.

Thunderbird Создание нового письма


Thunderbird is a great email client. It made all qualitatively, from the interface to the smallest detail. The program is not difficult to understand and customize it to fit your needs. It pleases the ability to add multiple accounts.

This program is recommended for business travelers or simply for those who prefer to use the services of mailboxes and chats.

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