Free alternatives Blender Art of Illusion Wings 3D
Commercial alternatives 3ds Max
Operating systems Windows Mac OS X

    * Supported formats: DAE (COLLADA), KMZ, 3DS (Autodesk 3ds Max), DWG, DXF, FBX, OBJ (Wavefront), VRML.

SketchUp interface


SketchUp - a simple, free 3D editor for creating 3D models of buildings. The program interface is a 3D space in which you can change the camera position, move objects.

The program allows you to add standard primitives or draw objects on the points. It should be noted that as soon as you select any tool from the panel, then away; a brief background on it.

SketchUp short help

The program has a number of standard materials, but you can add your own.

SketchUp meterials

Go to your 3D model, you can add standard components, such as people, benches, lights, trees, 3D text.

SketchUp components

More in the annex, there are special function to export the model in Google Earth.


SketchUp - nice and simple editor to create models of buildings.

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