Free alternatives Free Online OCR www.free-ocr.com img2txt
Commercial alternatives ABBYY FineReader
Operating systems Windows Linux FreeBSD Mac OS X

    * Supported languages: English, French

SimpleOCR image source


SimpleOCR is a free application for text recognition. SimpleOCR can recognize handwriting. Supported languages are English, Dutch, French. Freeware knows how to read images from a scanner. The program is a free alternative to ABBYY FineReader.

It is worth noting that if your documents contain layout with multiple columns, custom fonts, color images or pictures in low quality, in this case one has to download one of four paid applications for the recognition program.

The program can work with documents in the English and French languages, but can not recognize the letters with different accents and subscript characters (eg. Ö, ä, é, etc.) which are only used in other languages.

Example of use

When you start working with the program a dialog box appears, allowing you to select the type of work, f.ex. with uploaded document, the scanned image containing the typed text, or a picture with handwritten text. However, the latter option is available for 14 days.

SimpleOCR select writing type

Next, select a source of location for downloaded file:

    * Scan an image

    * Select a file

    * Choose the batch mode

    * Recognize handwriting

SimpleOCR select source

Here we can see that the program is well enough to read the text, in addition integrated optional automatic selection options incorrectly recognized words.

SimpleOCR the outcome


SimpleOCR is a simple program for text recognition. If you need more advanced functionality, you have to require the commercial version.

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