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Scribus главный экран


Scribus - a free program for typesetting and layout of books publishers. The application supports the function of professional systems: setting colors including CMYK format, support for most image formats (TIFF, JPEG, and Adobe Photoshop), support vector formats, font support TrueType, Type 1 and OpenType. The application has a standard interface.

=== === Use

Scribus Пример работы

Immediately after downloading the program, you open a window in which you are asked to specify the options for creating your project. There are many different settings: size sheets, layouts, and other relevant parameters. Also, if you are an inexperienced user and you want to just create a simple leaflet or flyer, the program provides you with the project already pre-prepared templates. You can choose booklets, books and posters templates. You can also use a template, and then in the process to change its appearance to your taste.

After selecting and confirming, you will see a window of the work program. In it are: the toolbar, the working area, the context menu.

Scribus Создание документа

The user, who has never worked with this program will help, which is in the context menu in the tab "Help". Also, it is a point of lessons on Scribus, which in general terms, you can learn how to work with this software.

With an interface problems should arise, the program is free software in the class looks just fine. I would say at the level of Microsoft. Qualitatively made badges and successful arrangement of all components not only makes a good impression on the user, but also allows you to quickly understand and master the program. Functional her quite advanced in its development and will have to spend some time.

Scribus Свойства

With regard to the functional program, I can say that it is a free program she developed at the highest level. There is a convenient Designer page of your project in the form of the mark lines, insert images, text, rapid construction and many other fields. There is also support for most of the fonts used word processors, support for many image formats, allowing you to embed your drawing paper of any color and quality.

Scribus Редактор

The application executed on the latest trends in software and supports hotkeys. In addition, you yourself can specify their purpose, which increases the ease of transition from analogue pay for this program. You no longer have to get used to the new management again.

Scribus Просмотр шрифтов

When you publish your project no problem, since the program supports most popular formats, and also supports CMYK color palette that will maximize color reproduction in printing.


The program has an intuitive interface, broad functionality and it's free. This all gives it a huge advantage over their rivals. Also, it does not load the system resources and has a relatively small size for a given class of program. Among other things, it pleased that the program has a term of development as the developers of future versions will add many new features and technologies for processing, as well as error correction and elimination of defects. This perspective applies to the program for all operating systems supported at the moment the software.

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