Free alternatives SMath Studio GNU Octave Maxima
Commercial alternatives Mathcad
Operating systems Windows Linux Mac OS X

Scilab starting window


Scilab is a powerful mathematical package for construction of 2D and 3D graphs, alternative to PTC Mathcad and MATLAB. Its main aim is solving linear problems, algebra with sparse matrix. It gives the possibility to use the interpolation and approximation, differential and non-differential optimization. The package also has a built-in language.

Scilab is one of the strongest and most functional programs. It is a scripting language and a variety of mathematical programming packages that allow users to get quickly the right solution of difficult equations and problems. Moreover, this tool is used as a programming environment for supporting the respective languages, including C and C ++. First of all, this application developed exclusively for solving problems in linear algebra, but then its capacity expanded significantly.


The application uses the same algorithms as the counterparts, but despite this, Scilab includes some special features. This program allows users to build 2D and 3D charts, create animation, solve problems of linear algebra, process signals, solve ordinary differential equations and differential equations. Also, the program supports polynomial and rational functions, sparse matrices, parallel operation, differential and non-differential optimization, interpolation and many others!

This utility provides all the necessary tools to work with Lab VIEW, a platform for visual programming. Nowadays, this programming language has surpassed all expectations and currently is one of the best. To get a solution to a problem you need to write a condition or set the equation, and the system automatically picks up the most suitable solution, which is based on the data you entered. However, a user may create his or her own module for a specific task, thanks to the graphics module Xcos. If necessary, SciLab may be connected to a code written in another language, for example, Fortran or Java.

It should be noted that it will be difficult to handle the utility for novices, as it was designed for an experienced users. The developers have thought about it and provided users with integrated help, where they can find the answers to most questions. In addition, the Internet has plenty data and textbooks on the programming language where users can find a solution to their problems. Here matrices are the primary type of data which are characterized by the number of rows and columns and types of stated definitions. Moreover, the developers of Scilab paid special attention to the speed of computing activities, as they created an internal representation of matrices, which can be manipulated by a user in the processing stage.

There is the ability to display several graphs in one graphic window. In order to optimize functions the construction of contour plots was developed. This option enables users to arrange the relief function of two variables, so that the location of the optimum becomes apparent. Built-in script editor allows users to set new functions to program. Nevertheless, only experiensed users may enjoy the function. SciLab can be run directly from the command line of the operating system, which is quite convenient.

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