Remote control

Chrome Remote Desktop

Freeware Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension for the browser based on chromium. It allows users to get access to any computer usinga Chromoting protocol. You can help your colleagues to configure the software, to do teamwork and resolve some computer problems. Chrome Remote Desktop requires the use of Google Chrome, as well as the installation of an extension from the Chrome Web Store. After installation extension automatically will set up to your account and will be synchronized. It is good and easy alternative to Team Viewer. read more...


Freeware X2Go

X2Go is software for remote computer control, or rather its graphical desktop, developed for Linux. Despite the fact that there are versions of popular operating systems, server access region can be set only on a Linux platform. The the utility supports sound and ability to connect to printers. Connecting to a remote computer is carried out via a secure channel SSH. In addition, this design allows users to run a separate application server. read more...


Freeware TightVNC

TightVNC is a cross-platform open source remote desktop software application. It’s main aim is to control your computer through desktop from TightVNC Group with the ability to transfer files. The program is divided into two parts: the Viewer and the server. This utility allows you to restrict access to a computer by IP address and a password function. In total, there are two start-up mode - Service (work in the background, waiting for connection) and User Define (manual start by the user). If you can set up server, it can be good alternative to Team Viewer. read more...

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