Free alternatives Gimp Krita ImageMagick
Commercial alternatives Adobe Photoshop
Operating systems Windows

Paint.NET starting window


Paint.NET is a good free program for working with images. The application supports all layers and practical functions for working with raster images. The interface is very friendly and intuitive.

Below are tools for color correction:

Paint.NET настройки цвета

If you change the settings you will immediately see the result

Paint.NET настройка оттенка и насыщенности


The composition of Paint.NET includes a large number of effects that can make your photos unique and help to improve it. You can remove red eye, make the picture clearer.

Below there is the image processed by the filter: pencil sketch, oil paints, crystallization.

Outline of a pencil

Набросок карандашом

Oil paints

Масляные краски




Paint.NET is a good editor for photos with a friendly interface and impressive functionality.

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