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Outpost Security Suite Free - a free personal firewall and antivirus software, which is designed to protect against hacker attacks from the Internet, and malicious programs. Among other things, the application blocks the download of advertising, as well as active content of web pages. The program has a friendly user interface. To receive a free license need to pass a simple registration procedure.

=== === Use

Free version of the antivirus is suitable for home use, as its features and usability will be enjoyed by many users. Also, if you have no sufficiently powerful computer (by today's standards), anti-virus has a very modest minimum requirements for all its functions. Among other things, it has a fairly wide range of instruments, which I will tell you further.

=== Appearance === interface

Execution of the program carried out by today's standards. Everything is done very efficiently and beautifully, compared with competitive software. The interface is very easy to understand all the necessary tools and settings are user visible. Also in the context menu of the added functionality of anti-virus ("Antivirus check"), calling for better anti-virus.

Outpost Security Suite Free Фаервол

Outpost Security Suite Free Антивирус

=== === Functional

The program also combines antivirus and firewall. Therefore, the standard from Microsoft, you can disable (optional, of course). It is worth noting that the program has modules such as:

    * Anti-Malware - blocks malware and spyware.

    * Anti-Leak - does not give permission activate malware after their launch (something similar is in antivirus Avast!).

    * Anti-Spam - the usual anti-spam for those who do not wish to receive what you do not want.

The program was implemented technology Smart Screen, which allows to reduce scan time previously scanned files. How it works is that after the first test program creates a database that lists the files are clean from threats, and the next scan, if the data coincide with already listed in the database, it passes it, due to which reduced the length of the process.

Antivirus is able to protect in real time, which greatly increases the safety of use. When you open a file if it is infected, the antivirus will block it immediately and suggest what to do with him.

Well, there are also many standard features for all antivirus firewalls like to:

    * Firewall

    * Action Log,

    * Create application rules



Outpost Security Suite Free is a good home security solution. But numerous reviews, after some time of work, anti-virus may begin to conduct themselves properly and can grow while running programs (especially office). It is problematic that the free version of antivirus is no support for the Russian language, but on the Internet you can find instructions for installing it.

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