OpenOffice Calc

Free alternatives Gnumeric
Commercial alternatives Microsoft Excel
Operating systems Windows Linux FreeBSD Mac OS X

    * Supported formats: ODS, XLS, CSV.

Open Office Calc главное окно

Open Office Calc - a spreadsheet, which is part of the офисный package Open Office. In many ways, Open Office Calc follows the functional and interface Microsoft Excel. The application has a standard set of tools for text formatting: change the font, position, size. The following is the text style settings window:

Open Office Calc форматирование текста

Besides this Calc provides the following features:

    * Insert pictures, notes and other objects.

    * Setting up security for the document.

    * The use of filters.

    * Create macros.

    * Format Cells.

Consider the basic spreadsheet functions.

=== === Charts

Open Office Calc supports the main chart types, including: bar graph, pie, line.

Open Office Calc типы диаграмм

Charting carried out the table cells. For a chart, you can specify a name for the axes, set the line color and the background, set the title of the chart.

=== === Formula

To calculate the values ​​in the table cells Calc provides a number of functions:

    * Functions with date and time.

    * Financial functions.

    * Mathematical functions.

    * Static functions.

Below is a comprehensive list of features:

Open Office Calc список функций

To set the values ​​of the functions the program has a wizard functions.

Open Office Calc мастер функций

Using this dialog, you can view a list of functions to set the value. Also, the function can be set manually.


Open Office Calc - a good spreadsheet that has an impressive functionality. The program is suitable for use at home and in the office.

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