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Apache OpenOffice - free office suite, which includes all the necessary software to work with electronic documents. With this package, you can organize electronic documents. The interface and the functionality of the program is largely similar with Microsoft Office. Among the shortcomings can be noted Hustler not always work and some of the tools that you need to get used to.

Consider the basic components of Apache OpenOffice more.

=== === Word Processor

OpenOffice Writer главное окно

OpenOffice Writer - a free word processor that lets you create text documents with images, tables, columns. Style in the program, as in all programs of Apache OpenOffice, configured with the following window.

OpenOffice настройка стиля

=== === Spreadsheet

Open Office Calc главное окно

Spreadsheet Open Office Calc gives you the ability to create tables with automatic calculation fields, build charts. More details about the program, see the section описание Open Office Calc.

=== === Creating Charts

OpenOffice Impress главное окно

To create charts OpenOffice is a package Impress. To facilitate the creation of application has a wizard that helps you configure chart style. Impress has all the necessary tools to create charts, including transition effects.

=== === Database

OpenOffice Base главное окно

A database management system in a package of OpenOffice Base. With this program you can create tables for the database, queries, forms to facilitate the work with the database, receiving reports. To create a form using the standard controls. Below is an example of the form:

OpenOffice Base форма

=== === Vector Editor

Apache OpenOffice Draw главное окно

OpenOffice Draw - vector graphics editor that is suitable for the creation of sketches, diagrams, plans and vector images. Read more in the section описание OpenOffice Draw.


Apache OpenOffice - a full office suite, which has all the necessary components. The package is suitable for both home use and for office.

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