Free alternatives Inkscape DrawPlus Starter Edition
Commercial alternatives CorelDRAW Adobe Illustrator
Operating systems Windows Linux FreeBSD Mac OS X

    * Supported formats: ODG, DXF, EPS, SVG.

Apache OpenOffice Draw главное окно

Apache OpenOffice Draw - a free program for creating sketches, diagrams, plans and vector images. The program is part of the офисный package of Apache OpenOffice. As seen in the example above image, the application has a standard interface:

    * Horizontal menu with toolbars.

    * Workspace, representing a page.

    * Supporting the panel on the right.

    * Pages on the left.

OpenOffice Draw has a set of standard shapes that appear below:

Стандартные фигуры OpenOffice Draw

It is worth mentioning that the program allows you to insert a raster image or images from an extensive library.

=== === 3D objects

Apache OpenOffice Draw allows you to convert any object into a 3D object, whether it is text or a polygon. The new object can be rotated and moved. Furthermore, using the dialogue "Three-dimensional effects," presented below:

Настройки 3Д в OpenOffice Draw

You can configure:

    * Lighting object.

    * Geometry.

    * Material.

These settings are not as comprehensive in 3D-editors, but it is clear and easy to use.


In OpenOffice Draw text effects can be customized.

Настройки эффектов для текста в OpenOffice Draw

You can change the position of the text and to add a shadow, and change the margins.


Apache OpenOffice Draw - a good vector editor to create a simple plan or outline.

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