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The free app My Public WiFi provides an opportunity to create an access point Wi-Fi network of any handheld device with Wi-Fi receiver. In addition, the program will provide all users on your network access. With My Public WiFi you can see which sites were requested, and a list of the client is connected.


Installing the software takes a standard, like most programs of this kind. When installing you have a choice of language installer: English, Russian and Basque. After you select the directory in which you want to install, the installation will take place and after it you will be given the choice to reboot the system or not. I recommend that you do this to avoid instability and incorrect operation of software.

My Public WiFi Управление

=== === Use

After starting the application, you will indicate "Settings" tab, where you can specify parameters such as network name, security key and a network card to connect to the Internet. The interesting thing is that it is possible to uncheck the "Apply online distribution" and you will be able to create their own wireless local area network without an Internet connection, such as playing with friends on the network, or other purposes.

Also, there is an item in the settings "The access point has been installed on this computer."

In the tab "Customers", we can see what devices are connected to our network, as well as their quantity.

Now gradually move on to the tab "Management". In it, we see the opportunity to choose the interface language, the developers have given us: English, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Italian and French. There is also a lock file distribution point, which means that your network traffic will be blocked programs such as: UTorrent, eDonkey and others. This feature is very useful, especially if your home is not sufficiently high speed when downloading files that your users on the network can lead to an uncomfortable use of the network to all its customers.

In paragraph «URL LOG» you can turn on or off the record in the text file the sites that your users visit. So you can know where and when to sit your customers.

And the last item in the tab is to configure startup. After its application, the Windows startup your network will be created to your settings without your participation, which automates the process and does not require your intervention.

My Public WiFi Настройка

=== === Comparison with analogue

Compared with a similar program called WiFiHotSpot, I can say that this program is definitely better. It has the advanced features and amenities not found in its counterpart. Also, there is no advertising in the installer software that an inexperienced user can install on your computer, thus load the system with unnecessary programs. In general, if you need to create a network from your laptop to access the Internet or without it, this program is ideal you.

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