Free alternatives AutoCAD Electrical for Mac OS X


Freeware KiCad

KiCad is a cross-platform and open source Electronics Design Automation suite. The application is created for the formation of printed circuit boards and electrical circuits. The software has a number of programs that perform specific functions, for example, pcbnew (Editing PCB), eeschema (editing electrical diagrams), gerbview (viewing Gerber files) and others. read more...


Freeware gEDA

gEDA is a set of open source software by Ales Hvezda, whose main task is creation of projects of electronic devices (CAD). This package has the tools to trace pc boards (PCB), preparate for production, change the electrical circuits and not only. It should be noted that the collection of projects was designed for UNIX-compatible platforms, but some programs have been ported under Windows. read more...

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