Free alternatives Microsoft Project


Freeware OpenProj

OpenProj is a very good free software for project planning. The program includes all necessary functions Gantt charts, network traffic, resource allocation, reports. Moreover,the application supports import and export of Microsoft Project documents. read more...


Freeware GanttProject

GanttProject is project management application. It is a good alternative to such commercial applications as Basecamp, JIRA, Redmine, TaskJuggler, Microsoft Project, etc. The program supports creation of Gantt charts, hierarchy and reports. It should be noted that GanttProject export and import MS Project files. read more...


Freeware FreeMind

FreeMind is free easy-to-use cross-platform program to create diagrams of mind maps. The program’s main function is to representate and structure information about the project. It supports import and export in the following formats JPEG, HTML, OpenDocument TextXHTML, PNG, and XML. Freeware has a multilingual interface. Moreover, the program can encrypt the document, both separate parts and the whole file. read more...

ABC Roster

Freeware ABC Roster

ABC Roster is free software application designed for the workflow in the company. It suits the needs of small enterprises engaged in the restaurant business, but also can be used in other fields of activity. The main objective of the program is to organize work shifts of employees. Automatic scheduler software ABC Roster offers various circuits of the work schedule, until you reach the best result. ABC Roster is characterised by speed and user-friendly interface. The program also takes into account the presence of employees, weekend passes, planned activities and events. If necessary, staff can send email directly from the application. You can export the graphics created in Microsoft Excel, PDF and HTML documents. Compatible with Windows OS (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8) .Net Framework 3.5 or later. read more...


Freeware Trello

Trello is free web application for project management. A user creates projects presented in the form of boards, which in turn contain lists, i.e. form task lists. Lists contain cards, i.e. tasks. Cards support the following functions the appointment of a project participant, the addition of checklist, setting the date of completion of the project, the attachment file. It is assumed that the cards can be dragged from one list to another. Members and taskbar can be grouped into a single system. The application can be used on iPhone, Android and on the mobile platform Windows Phone 8. However, the website application is available for the most mobile web browsers. The app for iPad was released in 2013. read more...


Freeware ProjectLibre

ProjectLibre is a free analogue to Microsoft Project. The program is designed for project management. The software is cross-platform and compatible with the following operating systems Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It supports major European languages. The main features of the program include support of Microsoft Project 2010 files; Ribbon interface; Earned Value costing. ProjectLibre supports Gantt charts and PERT charts. read more...

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