Free alternatives DraftSight FreeCAD BRL-CAD
Commercial alternatives AutoCAD Kompas-3D
Operating systems Windows Linux Mac OS X

    * Supported formats: DFX, JWW.

LiberCAD главное окно

LibreCAD - 2D CAD (CAD) system, which is suitable for the creation of drawings and plans. In the picture you can see that the interface in the standard program:

    * Working area in the center - with the help of it you can work with the objects and see the current result.

    * Toolbar button. It is worth noting that each object are several ways to add.

    * Layers panel.

The toolbar you can see below:

LiberCAD панель инструментов

As you can see, in addition to geometric shapes, you can add text or a bitmap.

The objects you can apply various modifications:

    * Move.

    * Rotation.

    * Display.

    * etc.

LiberCAD модификаторы

With the help of the layers you can hide some objects or groups of objects, or protect them from modification.

LiberCAD слои

The result can be printed or exported to a file PNG.

LiberCAD экспорт в PNG


LiberCAD pretty good program, suitable for projects of varying complexity.

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