Free Online OCR

Free alternatives SimpleOCR img2txt
Commercial alternatives ABBYY FineReader
Operating systems Windows Linux FreeBSD Mac OS X Android

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Free Online OCR is a free online service for text recognition, alternative to ABBYY FineReader. Good quality of text recognition, unlimited number of downloads, working with 70 languages, online text recognition containing multiple languages, and no registration are the main advantages of the service.

Free Online OCR provides the ability to allocate and deploy part of the document intended for further processing. It recognizes the following formats JPEG, JFIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, PBM, PGM, PPM, and PCX. It works with suh compression formats as the Unix compress, bzip2, bzip and gzip; with the following multi-page documents TIFF, PDF and DjVu.

It recognizes DOCX and ODT files with images. It works with ZIP archives. The result can be obtained in the form of plain text (TXT), a Microsoft Word document (DOC) and PDF file Adobe Acrobat.

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