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LibreOffice - a free office suite, which is an offshoot of OpenOffice. LibreOffice is developed since 2010. Office suite differs from the OpenOffice interface is almost identical although functional. At first glance, LibreOffice faster than Apache OpenOffice, and a little more compatible with Microsoft Office.

Consider the basic components of LibreOffice more.

=== === Word Processor

LibreOffice Writer главное окно

LibreOffice Writer is a text editor that supports all the necessary functions:

    * Customize the style of the text.

    * The use of images in the document.

    * The columns, tables, partitions.

    * AutoSpellcheck.

=== === Spreadsheet

LibreOffice Calc главное окно

LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet provides the ability to make a table with computed fields and build charts. A set of functions that you can use is very extensive, ranging from mathematical functions and ending with the financial functions.

=== === Creating presentations

LibraryOffice Impress

Creating presentations in LibreOffice Impress is very similar to the work in PowerPoint. You can choose the style for presentations, or create it yourself, and then you need to create slides.

=== === Vector Editor

LibraryOffice Draw главное окно

Draw - vector graphics editor, which is part of LibreOffice. The program is suitable for those who need to create a simple poster, using standard tools. In addition, each object can be converted to a 3D object.

In addition, LibreOffice includes a database program Base and to create mathematical formulas Math.


LibreOffice - a good free office suite, in which there is a text and spreadsheet, as well as vector editor and an application for creating presentations. LibreOffice can replace a paid office suite for residential and commercial purposes.

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