Free alternatives TinyCAD gEDA
Commercial alternatives AutoCAD Electrical
Operating systems Windows Linux Mac OS X

KiCad starting window

KiCad is a cross-platform and open source Electronics Design Automation suite. The application is created for the formation of printed circuit boards and electrical circuits. The software has a number of programs that perform specific functions, for example, pcbnew (Editing PCB), eeschema (editing electrical diagrams), gerbview (viewing Gerber files) and others.

One of the advantages of this collection of utilities is open source.

Wyoeditor application is responsible for visualization and reports. Meanwhile, KiCad manager works with the project. It should be noted that the software is able to operate with a set of electronic components, in particular in 3D resolution. This set of tools is perfect for both novices and experienced users due to its intuitive interface.

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