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Commercial alternatives Adobe Photoshop
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GIMP starting window


Gimp is a free raster graphics editor. It may be regarded as a great free alternative to commercial raster editors, such as Photoshop. The application has a wide range of functions, such as image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, resizing, cropping, photomontages, converting between different image formats, etc. Moreover, the program has a variety of filters for image processing.

GIMP слои

This free editor provides many opportunities to change the color, histogram, levels, curves. The complete list is provided below:

Меню цвета

Each of the teams will open the dialog for editing, which is almost the same for all editors.

Set Editor tool is also quite typical. The kit includes a variety of types of selection, brushes, stamps, eyedropper, position change of the canvas. The special instruments include compasses, pen, ink, removing defects. A complete set of tools is provided below:

Набор инструментов

A set of filters is very high. GIMP includes filters for blurring, better definition, piksilizatsii and more. Also there are some very interesting filters, for example for decoration. Below is the image processed by the filter "Old Photo":

Старое фото

For developers, there is a very nice feature to load images from files, containing only the pixel values. The main weaknesses of the program can be attributed not exactly user-friendly interface.


GIMP - a very good free analogue Photoshop, has a huge functionality, however, the program is not the most user-friendly interface.

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