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GanttProject - is a free program designed for the project management and the formation of information databases. If necessary, the user can easily implement the export plan in the desired format, or to publish on the corporate website. This utility allows you to split a project into several sub-phases or for further implementing certain tasks with different deadlines. In the tab "Users" you can view the statistics of employment of its employees currently in the% ratio, thus will be able to more efficiently organize the workflow of staff.

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GanttProject has an intuitive interface that is virtually identical to the brothers, and contains a minimal set of essential functions for the task. The desired phases of the project can be highlighted in different colors for faster orientation. This program supports the construction of tables, graphs, diagrams and schedules, and therefore will be useful for both beginners and business to large enterprises. If necessary, this utility can be sent to the system tray and continue its work in the background, which is especially important for the regulation and monitoring tasks with a minimum period of fulfillment.

The application is written in Java, which is supported by various operating systems. Charting is carried out using techniques Gantt. All the necessary information can be downloaded via XSL-transformations in HTML and PDF, which is possible thanks to XML. In addition, there is a function to load and save the project file to FTP, thus the document can be viewed simultaneously by multiple users. You can export projects in the formats txt and XML directly to the utility.

When you create a new user for the project specified name, phone number, vacation days and e-mail. Each participant of the problem can be given the status of the coordinator, uncertainties and other specified in the settings. Upon reaching the desired goal, a report can be saved as text or graphic. GanttProject controls the process of employment rights and displays it using the following labels: swamped with work, derelict, vacation days and other.

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