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GRAMPS - solid program for compiling a family tree. The program allows you to store large amounts of information, which may include: personal information, events, photos. The family tree can be exported in different formats.

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GRAMPS Главное окно

When you start the program you will see the creation of a new family tree. In it you can load the saved you already a tree or create a new and give it any name. After saving it will open its creation. On the left you'll see a lot of tabs in which you can add new people, family, events and more. It is also still possible to connect with each other, asking the marital relationship, the relationship between people and much more. It is also possible in the tab "Location" to specify the detailed locations of an event that happened to your family. Album tab you can add your own photos or pictures of their relatives, which also makes this program interesting, because in a single file can be stored history of centuries.

GRAMPS Вкладка География

The interface itself is quite confusing program, to understand in a short time in it difficult. But above the toolbar, in the "Help", you will find all necessary information from hotkeys, detailed answers to frequently asked questions. The program has many features that will help to realize your ideas in the family tree. However, the complexity of the interface could alienate users and get to look for something from the list of similar programs. Which has less functionality, but simpler interface, and which will help to quickly create a project.

GRAMPS Вкладка Люди


GRAMPS is a multifunctional software for compiling a family tree, but due to its functionality, the developers have donated an interface that is implemented uncomfortable and caused me some difficulties with the creation of the project. Yet the program is stable and properly and, most importantly performs its task and, therefore, suitable for use as a free product. I also want to note that in the search for a program of this class, I drew attention to the Roots Magic Essentials. It is free, and she proved to be an interface more friendly, but for people who do not have elementary knowledge of the English language program does not bring much comfort. So the choice is up to you, dear users.

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