Free alternatives Far Manager Double Commander Midnight Commander OSX
Commercial alternatives Total Commander
Operating systems Windows

FreeCommander starting window


FreeCommander is a file manager, which is very similar to Total Commander. The application has a typical interface, which is convenient when using the keyboard and mouse. There is the possibility to customize the appearance. The application supports archives, has a built-in FTP client, file viewer and basic functions for work with files.

FreeCommander отображение изображений

Another useful feature is a group renaming files. For the renamed files, you can select a template that you can use:

- the date and time the file was created. - file extension. - Name of the directory. - Counter. - For information about the owner of the file. - Property mp3 files or image properties.

FreeCommander групповое переименование

FreeCommander allows you to assign hot keys, decompress and create files and delete files beyond recovery.

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