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Free Online OCR

Freeware Free Online OCR

Free Online OCR is a free online service for text recognition, alternative to ABBYY FineReader. Good quality of text recognition, unlimited number of downloads, working with 70 languages, online text recognition containing multiple languages, and no registration are the main advantages of the service. Free Online OCR provides the ability to allocate and deploy part of the document intended for further processing. It recognizes the following formats JPEG, JFIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, PBM, PGM, PPM, and PCX. It works with compression formats such as the Unix compress, bzip2, bzip and gzip; with the following multi-page documents TIFF, PDF and DjVu. It recognizes DOCX and ODT files with images. It works with ZIP archives. The result can be obtained in the form of plain text (TXT), a Microsoft Word document (DOC) and PDF file Adobe Acrobat. read more...

Freeware is online service for text recognition. The recognition quality is good, even with a low image quality. It has a limit on the size of recognizable file of 2 Mb. It supports ​​such languages as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. read more...

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Mathematical packages

Graph Online

Freeware Graph Online

Graph Online is a free service designed for visualization of the graph and finding the shortest path on a graph. Creating a graph is carried out on the adjacency matrix and incidence matrix. Also, users can search for connected component. The service supports directed digraphs and undirected graphs (or ordinary graphs). Users may save built graph and continue working with it later. read more...

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Electronic Dictionaries


Freeware Lingvo.Pro

Lingvo.Pro is free language translation service. Dictionary supports the following languages English, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Danish, Italian, Turkish, and Ukrainian. It also shows collocations or phrases. read more...

Google translate

Freeware Google translate

Google translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google. It is designed to translate from one language into another. There is an interactive spelling correction system. read more...

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Investintech PDF to Word

Freeware Investintech PDF to Word

Investintech PDF to Word is free online PDF OCR service. The application is designed to extract the text from scanned PDF files into Microsoft Word. It has some key features. It converts both scanned (image) and standard PDFs to Word, fully free to use without limitations, accurately converts even complex PDF files. It is characterized by good quality of extraction for plain text. If you have some text on images, sometimes it can recognise text incorrectly. It is worth noting that this service is a free version of paid service and it works only with texts written in the Latin alphabet. read more...

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Freeware FreeCol

FreeCol is a turn-based strategy, a free alternative to the famous old game Sid Meier's Colonization. You need to colonize the land, negotiate, fight in wars. The game played out the events of the 15th century. read more...

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Online games


Freeware PlaneShift

PlaneShift is absolutely free MMORPG in a fantasy world. The player can choose any race itself. The game has everything you need the battle, magic, quests, and artifacts. read more...

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