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Linux openSuse - free modern Linux. Right Russified, contains all the programs that are written for Linux / Unix, and not found in other versions of Linux. Also based on openSuse produced the most modern server version of SLES Linux. This distribution, according to the developers, designed for professional users in all segments, whether you are an artist or a professional programmer working for a corporation. It combines everything you need at the same time. There is nothing extra to the user. Everything works right out of the "box" is not required to search for the driver to set the basic program, you need everyone to do any special configuration, everything is done for you. One distribution combines both workstations and servers. Together with the user-friendly interface, you can use the OpenSUSE for daily needs, and you can create your server to your needs and requirements. Why apply this distribution to you, dear users.

=== === Functionality and use

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As the interface of the operating system is a graphical shell: GNOME and KDE. GNOME will appeal to people who love, so to speak, the "classic» Linux, KDE and for people who prefer the interface of Windows, or those who have just moved with his OpenSUSE.

I want to note that the operating system does not require a powerful "iron" and can run on low-power computers. Because of the seriousness of the requirements are only a requirement for 2 gigabytes of RAM. But I think this is a little personal computers with 512 megabytes of memory (the distribution can work with 1 gigabyte).

As the loader OpenSUSE uses GRUB. It is a kind of unique and can work with multiple operating systems that allows you to install it on a free partition, keeping the performance of others.

The OpenSUSE interesting feature is the connection repository Tumbleweed. It allows you to be updated on the "air". You do not need to install the new version of the distribution, since it can be done without changing anything. You will have access the latest updates as soon as developers will note that the component distribution is stable in operation.

The good thing seems software developers plug BuildService. It allows you to compile the source code in the packer and software packages will be available in other distributions, such as: Mandriva, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and others.

And most importantly - this console package manager ZYpp. It allows you to install and remove packages update them, as well as the entire distribution.

And basically, there are no differences, all Linux-like operating systems are similar, just each of them has its own peculiarities.

Linux openSuse Панель управления


OpenSUSE - another great distribution, which can replace the giant from Microsoft. I, as a normal user, like its simplicity and lack of need for complex setup of the operating system. Also, if I have to do the work for training purposes in the form of installation and configuration of server or writing a program in one of the languages ​​is still available for this product. I would recommend this product even more than his counterpart Ubuntu, because the interface had friendlier, though not as "pathetic."

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