3D graphics programs


Freeware Blender

It is one of the most powerful free 3D editors. The freeware is a good alternative to 3ds Max or Maya. Blender supports many formats, it can work with models created in commercial editors. The software has the following features as lighting, structuring, materials, animation, shaders, built-in Python, and morphing. Using Blender you can create a 3D scene as well as your own movie. read more...

Art of Illusion

Freeware Art of Illusion

Art of Illusion is free 3D modelling and rendering studio, which uses standard 3D object. The program could be regarded as alternative to Autodesk 3ds Max, Silo, Awakening, or 3D Model Maker. Many of features offered in the program may be found in commercial programs. Art of Illusion has built-in multi-layered texture editor and surface editor. The application is written on Java, so you need to install Java RE. read more...

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