Far Manager

Free alternatives FreeCommander Double Commander Midnight Commander OSX
Commercial alternatives Total Commander
Operating systems Windows

Far интерфейс


Far Manager is a console based file manager for Windows, aimed at working with the keyboard. It supports file systems (real and virtual), network drives, has a built-in FTP client. It is simple to view and edit text files, even with syntax highlighting (for installing the plug), supports various encodings with this freeware. Far Manager may help you to save a lot of time.

Far operating

The program provides all the necessary functions for working with files: rename, create, copy, move. To work with text files, Far has embedded text editor that supports a variety of encodings.

Far supports plugins for syntax highlighting, which could be useful for software developers. In addition, users can connect data logger to work with archives.

Software supports macros, which is another function that can speed up the work of the program. You write some action, then repeat it with just one the touch of a button. This is useful for renaming files or replacing text in different files.


Far file manager is aimed at working with files through hot keys without using the mouse.

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