DrawPlus Starter Edition

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    * Supported formats: SVG, EPS, AI, DPP, PDF.

Draw Plus Starter Edition главное окно

Draw Plus Starter Edition - free vector graphics editor that is different from the paid version reduced functionality.

When you run the application, you will see the New Project wizard, it can not only choose the type of project, but also to open training lessons.

Draw Plus Мастер

Lessons are available in the form of articles and videos.

=== === Tools

The program provides a range of standard tools for creating images:


    * Brush.

    * Pen.

    * Standard figure.

    * Insert text and bitmap.

    * Fill.

For the basic tools such as a brush, a pencil, you can set the line style:

Draw Plus стиль линий

In addition, Draw Plus includes a number of standard effects and settings for the lines:

Draw Plus эффекты линий


It allows you to add text, change the shape of the mark, to change the arrangement of letters, add a shadow, select fill for the letters.

Draw Plus тень для текста

The program has a built-in wizard framework with a number of settings. With it you can add a frame very quickly.

Draw Plus мастер создания рамок

=== === Restrictions

License Starter Edition has a number of limitations in contrast to the paid version. Here are the most important of them are:

    * Tool Connection (Connector Tool).

    * Brush freeform (Freeform Paint Tool).

    * Effects (Filter Effects).

    * Create 3D objects (Instant 3D).

    * Publication in PDF format.


Despite the fact that the Draw Plus Starter Edition is only a stripped-down version of the paid version, work in it quite convenient and free functionality will be enough for many users.

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