Diagram Designer

Free alternatives Dia CADE UMLet
Commercial alternatives Microsoft Visio
Operating systems Windows

Diagram Designer окно программы

Diagram Designer - a small program to create charts and diagrams. The program interface is a window for the chart in the center of the panel elements on the right and the left current items.

To enter text for all elements using the same dialogue. With it, you can specify not only the text but also formatting. Truth is defined formatting commands that may not always be convenient.

Diagram Designer задание текста

Types of diagrams Diagram Designer

Diagram Designer includes elements 6 diagrams of various kinds. Below are the main ones.

Electronic circuit represented by a small number of basic elements:

Diagram Designer элементы электронной схемы

Elements of UML diagrams are presented below:

Diagram Designer элементы UML диаграммы

Elements for the creation of process diagrams and flowcharts.

Diagram Designer диаграмма процесса

Diagram Designer has a pretty handy tool to create the connection elements.


Diagram Designer - a small program to create charts and diagrams, which has extensive functionality for the professional activity, but is suitable for educational projects.

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