Diagramming software


Freeware Dia

It is a good program to create diagrams. It has a number of standard charts: diagrams to build the network cards, process diagrams and UML. Dia is a good free alternative to Visio. The program supports a variety of formats. Site distribution for Windows: http://dia-installer.de/ read more...


Freeware CADE

CADE is a good free diagram editor, which is focused on building network diagrams. Moreover, CADE supports UML, map creation. It supports the following formats: dxf, dtc, dwg, dgn, dbr, shp, pdf, and jpeg. read more...


Freeware UMLet

This freeware creates UML diagrams. It has a standard set of methods for working with the chart. It is able to store the results in a variety of graphic formats. The distinctive feature of the program is that you can set the blocks, using pseudo code. This, in its turn, accelerates considerably the process of charts creation. read more...

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