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Comodo Firewall - a free firewall for the home. As part of its functions include: traffic control, defense against network attacks, protection of system files and registry. The program has a user-friendly interface and easy to insist. Also in the program there is support for the Russian language.


Normally, installation programs, and there is nothing difficult to describe the process for each program is meaningless, but this firewall, there are some important points that need to disassemble the program to work properly and efficiently.

The first screen you begin installation, you can skip entry point your e-mail. It is also desirable to remove ticks with items such as:

    * "Change Settings DNS servers COMODO SecureDNS" (may reduce the speed of the connection to the server, so that you lose the speed of your Internet).

    * I want to use "cloud analysis applications passing COMODO unidentified program in compliance with this Privacy Policy" (option is used at your discretion, may result in a waste of traffic; for the average user is not so important, but if you want to help in the development of software product).

The detailed installation, you can remove the "Installing Comodo GeekBuddy". This - quasi-free service that within 60 days of the implementation of technical support offers users.

After installation is complete, after the welcome window you will see the main settings on your network where you specify your name and access to the PC. More detailed setup occurs later, its description can be found on a special forum or other resources.

=== === Functional

Comodo Firewall Отчет

Features of this program, you guessed it, great. Next, the following description of the most important.

The "Protect +" is useful if you are very afraid for your data and use the PC only for a single purpose, as in this mode, almost all new applications will be blocked and ask for permission to access. For complete safety, this mode is still recommended to include, as noted in the settings of the program that you trust.

Comodo Firewall Защита

In the settings you can close ports to your network. So you can limit the transmission of information in P2P networks, or block access to any program on your network.

You can also run the program in a mode of "Sandbox". It allows you to run the program in a secure environment, even if it is harmful, it is no harm to your computer, it will not do.


Comodo Firewall has a lot more functionality and flexibility of the system settings. The product is designed as a free product for the PC is quite good quality. The only thing that netizens say that the program consumes a lot of resources, increases the boot time and slows down the speed of loading pages. But what use is up to you, dear people, because everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

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