Free alternatives Dia UMLet Diagram Designer
Commercial alternatives Microsoft Visio
Operating systems Windows

CADE interface


CADE pretty good-CAD-system for creating 2D diagrams. The official website of the authors write that the program has the basic functionality of Visio from Microsoft. With this program you can create diagrams network flow charts, maps, UML-diagrams, flowcharts. Below is a full list of formats:

CADE supported formats

The program has a set of standard elements: a variety of lines, arcs, ellipses, text, pictures:

CADE elements

Each object has a large number of properties, such as line color, background color, position. Here is an example of dialogue edit the properties of an object:

CADE figure property

When you create a drawing program provides the ability to create objects for removal of sizes. The amount will be entered automatically:

For the design of the electrical circuit has a number of standard elements. To create plans and drawings CADE offers a variety of standard structures: houses, shops, stadiums.


The overall program CADE makes a good impression. It is suitable for solving a large variety of tasks on creation of drawings and plans. Disadvantages are also marked, for example is not the most convenient methods are available for association objects and their manipulation.

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