Free alternatives for business

Office Suites


Freeware OpenOffice

OpenOffice is free office suite. It is a free alternative to Mircosoft Office. The package includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, database, vector graphics editor and formula editor. All applications have a standard interface. read more...


Freeware LibreOffice

LibreOffice is free and open source office suite that is fully compatible with 32/64-bit systems. It supports most popular operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. LibreOffice is very close to The package includes all required applications a word processor, presentation program, a spreadsheet, slideshows, diagrams, and others. read more...

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Project management


Freeware OpenProj

OpenProj is a very good free software for project planning. The program includes all necessary functions Gantt charts, network traffic, resource allocation, reports. Moreover,the application supports import and export of Microsoft Project documents. read more...


Freeware GanttProject

GanttProject is project management application. It is a good alternative to such commercial applications as Basecamp, JIRA, Redmine, TaskJuggler, Microsoft Project, etc. The program supports creation of Gantt charts, hierarchy and reports. It should be noted that GanttProject export and import MS Project files. read more...

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Freeware Gnumeric

Gnumeric is a free program to work with spreadsheets. It allows users to perform calculations, use functions, build diagrams of various types. The program has a standard interface and the functionality is close to Microsoft Excel. read more...

OpenOffice Calc

Freeware OpenOffice Calc

OpenOffice Calc is free spreadsheet software, which is alternative to Microsoft Excel. It is the part of It offers a wide range of easy-to-use features. You can create tables, use formulas, build charts and graphs, create summary tables. read more...

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