Free alternatives AutoCAD

nanoCAD free

Freeware nanoCAD free

nanoCAD free is a free analogue to AutoCAD. The application fully supports DWG files. It has vertical applications designed for specialized areas. Free version requires registration. read more...


Freeware QCAD

QCAD is a free program, its main purpose is to create a complex two-dimensional architectural plans and engineering drawings. This freeware has a collection of items, including more than 4,700 items for CAD. The disadvantage of the program is the lack of support for the development of DWG-files, it only works with the DXF format. The application allows users to operate such drawing elements as arcs, ellipses, circles, dots, lines, polygons, etc. QCAD provides the user with all the necessary functionality to change and build draft. There are 35 fonts for CAD. To control the drafting process there is command line, located below the main window. The program is able to print on a scale to make a difference in the background of free analogues. Utility has an intuitive interface and low system requirements. read more...

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