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Ashampoo FireWall FREE - free version of the paid firewall. The program is able to monitor all network activity, has the ability to configure rules. The program provides the opportunity to work in two modes: for beginners and experts.

=== === Functional and use

First of all, I want to note that this program is already somewhat outdated, so the new operating systems such as: Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc. it is not supported.

As for the program, it perfectly fulfills its mission. This is the confirmation: many positive reviews online and marks from respected publications.

Once installed on your system the program will keep track of all incoming and outgoing connections and the extent of suspicion may request permission you have to use it. For more detailed settings in the program has two modes:

    * Easy Mode - use it if you are not strong in setting up firewalls, and use it at home.

    * Expert Mode - for the people who know the intricacies of the program and understand what the change will cause some or other parameters.

If you wish to limit one program or ask for her special settings, there is provided for the establishment of rules for every program that uses network access.

If you find suspicious activity on your network, then the touch of a button, you can close all connections on your PC in order to avoid data leakage.

Users with slower computers will notice that the program does not require large resources and do not load the system during operation.

If you are an experienced user or just want to explore further the traffic on your network, try to use the detailed statistics of your network. In it, you can filter out different compounds depending on their category. You can also look in the event log, which will be given details of the program.

In addition to the firewall developers have added 4 additional utilities:

    * Internet-clearing - clearing the history, cookies, and other information from browsers and other programs that use the network.

    * Startup Manager - editing the startup programs you start Windows.

    * IP-Blocker Spam - blocking information on the network from a specific IP.

    * Process Monitoring - Detailed work programs and processes on your PC.

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While that is clearly outdated, and it works perfectly functional enough to use on a home PC. Ashampoo FireWall FREE consumes a minimum of resources, has a nice interface, supports 23 languages ​​and is available additional tools.

A good choice for use on a home computer for both novice and experienced computer user.

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