Free alternatives DraftSight CADE LibreCAD
Commercial alternatives AutoCAD Kompas-3D
Operating systems Windows

    * Supported formats: DWG, DFX.

A9Tech main window

A9Tech - free-CAD-system that allows you to create drawings. The program does not have the powerful functionality as AutoCAD, but rather tools for implementing simple drawings.

The program has a standard interface: toolbar, a workspace, the panel object properties.


A9Tech has the following tools to create drawings:

    * Points.

    * Line.

    * Rectangle.

    * Arc.

    * Circles and ellipses.

    * Polygons.

    * Text.

    * Raster image.

To indicate the dimensions are different leader, whose style can be customized.

Above objects can perform standard actions: move, resize, rotate and duplicate.

Below you can see a list of all the tools A9Tech:

A9Tech menu

It is worth noting that the selection of objects and work with them is not always intuitive.

Each object has its own set of properties that can be viewed and changed via the properties panel.

A9Tech object property

A9Tech allows you to load and save files DWG and DFX formats. The result can be printed.


A9Tech - a small program that will help you to create small drawings.

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